Dental Fillings in Burnaby, BC

One of the most common problems children and adults face with their teeth is getting a cavity. Sometimes no matter how well we brush and floss, what we eat and drink will cause cavities. That’s why it’s important once you get a cavity to have it filled at a local dentist near you.

Vega Dental is proud to offer fillings to all our patients that have cavities as a means to protect and preserve a damaged tooth.

What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are a type of restoration used to replace tooth structure lost due to decay, old restorations, or trauma. Fillings can also be used when teeth weaken and need more support.

They help prevent further damage to the tooth by restoring its shape and strength. There are three filling materials: composite resin, amalgam (a mercury-based material), and glass ionomer cement (resin with added fluoride).

What Do Dental Fillings Do for Your Teeth?

Dental fillings are designed to help protect the tooth from further decay and damage. They do this by filling in the gaps created by damage to the teeth. Depending on the type and severity of the damage, dentists may use different filling materials, or you may require more than one filling.

Fillings are a fast and easy way to protect your teeth from further damage and give you your smile back after you’ve had damage to your teeth.

How Are Fillings Done?

The dentist will prepare your tooth by removing any decayed or damaged areas; then, a mold is placed over the prepared area of your tooth that requires filling. The material for the filling gets injected into this temporary mold using a special tool called an “injection needle” until it fills up all gaps in the teeth and hardens.

Finally, they remove the excess resin with another instrument so that you can brush your teeth normally without feeling anything unusual on them!

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Living with cavities can be a real pain. Not to mention that leaving a cavity untreated will only make it worse and put the rest of your teeth at risk — suppose you need a filling for a cavity. Contact Vega Dental right away.

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