Dental Implants in Burnaby, BC

No one wants to lose their teeth, but the real struggle is figuring out how to deal with it once it has already happened. There are tons of options for tooth replacement, but many folks still don’t care for dentures or other dental applications. Thankfully, another option exists now in the form of implants.

At Vega Dental, we know how important a person’s teeth are to their day-to-day life, and this is why we offer implants as one of our services.

What Exactly Are Dental Implants?

For those unfamiliar with implants, it is important to note that while implants are an excellent solution to missing teeth, it is a surgical procedure, and it may not work for everyone.

Like most other dental procedures, getting dental implants begins with an examination from our dentist. The key thing that the dentist is checking for is to see if you are a candidate for implants in the first place.

Depending on the state of your oral health and the amount of bone available, implants may or may not be an option.

Implants are permanent prosthetic teeth that are anchored into the mouth. This means they have to be fastened to the bone, and there must be enough bone and gum tissue to support the teeth.

The greatest benefit of having implants installed is that most people can have several teeth installed, and once installed, they are as strong or stronger than natural teeth and, in most cases, are entirely permanent. This means no more worrying about your smile or being able to eat your favorite foods.

We at Vega Dental understand the commitment to opting for dental implants. Still, we want to give our patients all the possible solutions to tooth loss so that they can have the highest quality of life possible and make the best choice for their unique situation.

Have You Suffered Major Tooth Loss?

A major dental procedure like getting implants is an important decision, but one that could permanently replace your missing teeth. Contact Vega Dental today if you think implants might be right for you.

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