Endodontics in Burnaby, BC

Each patient that walks through our doors at Vega Dental is important to us. Our dentists near you is passionate about helping new and existing patients, especially when it comes to pain relief.

We see people all the time who come in that are experiencing pain in their gums, jaw, and teeth. It’s essential that you visit a dentists in Burnaby, BC, when experiencing any oral pain.

Addressing any oral health issue as soon as possible can prevent it from getting worse, leading to more serious health conditions. Our team of dental professionals offers a variety of treatments for oral health pain, including root canal therapy.

Root canals are one of the most common dental procedures we do at Vega Dental. They often take a single visit to complete and involve removing infected dental pulp that’s causing the issues.

What to Expect During a Root Canal Appointment?

Vega Dental focuses on using our professional knowledge and the latest dental technology to provide our patients with comprehensive care. Because many people experience white coat anxiety, at our clinic you’ll walk into a calm and comfortable area.

Numbing agents and local anesthetics make root canal therapy near you a painless experience. After you’re numbed, the procedure starts when the dentists places a dental dam over the affected tooth to help keep the surrounding areas safe from debris or the general infection. They will then be able to access the dental pulp tissue inside your tooth to remove it.

Once the damaged pulp is removed from your tooth, the dentists will clean and disinfect the area to ensure there aren’t any residual bacteria. Then, we’ll fill and seal the tooth to finish off the treatment. Our staff asks that patients bring someone to give them a ride home after their appointment for their own safety.

What is Dental Pulp?

Within each of our teeth, you’ll find tooth pulp that’s essential to your oral health. This substance consists of nerves, tissue, and even blood vessels. There are a handful of reasons that can cause the dental pulp to become infected or inflamed, which requires removal. Things like smoking tobacco or eating a diet high in sugar are common causes.

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