Invisalign in Burnaby, BC

Having crooked or misaligned teeth can be a miserable experience. It can impact the way you eat, talk, and even how your jaw rests. What’s worse is that these issues can cause other problems as well. Thankfully, there are more options than just those old gaudy metal braces.

One such option that we provide at Vega Dental is Invisalign clear braces. These are a great choice for many patients.

How is Invisalign Different From Traditional Braces?

The main way that Invisalign is different from traditional braces is in the very way that Invisalign adjusts teeth. Rather than using wires and brackets, Invisalign uses special clear plastic trays that fit over the teeth and gradually adjust them to the desired position. While the trays have to be worn for several hours each day, they are removable in emergencies unlike traditional braces and are much less painful.

Additionally, because the trays are clear, they appear invisible and are much less invasive and unsightly than braces, meaning that particularly for kids and teens, they will feel much less anxious and uncomfortable wearing them. Plus there is a much lower likelihood of needing to have adjustments made and the process is much simpler.

It won’t work for severe overlap or gaps, but many patients find it to be a much more suitable option. The clear trays are nearly invisible and much more comfortable than metal braces and typically don’t require altering or adjustments like normal braces. The time it takes is also much shorter as well, meaning no spending years coming and going from our office to finally have straight teeth. Most treatments can be done in about 18 months depending on individual circumstances.

Traditional braces certainly have their advantages, having been time tested as a solution for a number of dental issues. However, with the advent of Invisalign, it is no longer necessary for everyone to deal with the hassle of old metal braces.

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When it comes to straightening your teeth out, traditional metal braces are no longer the only option out there. Invisalign, a service we offer here at Vega Dental is an excellent choice for many different dental spacing issues.

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