Oral Surgery In Burnaby, BC

Oral surgery is a key part of dentistry that is performed for both aesthetic and restorative reasons. Whether you’re looking to replace missing with dental implants, improve oral health, or address conditions like sleep apnea, coming to an oral surgeon near me is your best bet for specialized care and natural-looking results.

Osseous Surgery

If you’re dealing with advanced periodontal disease and need a Burnaby dentist to keep the problem in check, consider coming in for osseous surgery, commonly called pocket reduction surgery.

Osseous Surgery

is performed under local anesthesia and reduces the depth of gum pockets, improving the health of the gums and preventing the progression of periodontal disease. It can also promote tissue healing and halt bone loss, making it an effective treatment option for maintaining oral health.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth located at the back of your mouth can sometimes erupt, cause overcrowding, or damage neighboring teeth. When this happens, a wisdom tooth extraction will be necessary to relieve any discomfort and pain and can help prevent the issue from escalating into anything serious.

Oral Surgery: Tailoring Treatment Plans for TMJ Disorders

When it comes to managing TMJ disorders, oral surgery is a key aspect that enables jaw surgeons to develop effective treatment plans for individuals that suffer from TMJ disorders. These treatment plans are tailored by an oral specialist to address the unique needs and underlying causes of each patient’s TMJ disorder. This comprehensive approach helps to alleviate pain and improve jaw function, which improves the patient’s overall quality of life. As a leading local oral surgeon in Burnaby, we’ll advise patients on the most suitable course of action, whether oral surgery, lifestyle changes, or oral appliances, to effectively manage their TMJ symptoms.

Improving Your Smile through Oral Surgery

Vega Dental is your local oral surgery specialist in Burnaby. We’re dedicated to restoring functionality to your bite and offer various oral surgery services. Our dentists specialize in diagnosing and treating oral health conditions. As a leading oral specialist near you, our practitioners at Vega Dental regularly deal with varying scenarios where we take an approach that addresses the issue and enhances your smile.

Oral Hygiene and Maintenance for Long-Term Oral Health

Regular check-ups and follow-up visits after oral surgery procedures are essential for successful healing and oral health. These appointments allow our dentists to monitor progress, address complications, and adjust when needed. We will also guide oral hygiene, pain management, and dietary considerations. We highly recommend that patients schedule an appointment once every six months for ongoing support, personalized care, and better oral health.

As a leading dental surgeon near me, Vega Dental is the best for quality and natural-looking results. We offer reliable, affordable oral surgery in Burnaby and are committed to bringing the most out of your smile. Please don’t wait to get the care you need from a Burnaby oral surgeon, and schedule your appointment at our dental clinic today.

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