Root Canal Therapy in Burnaby, BC

Having a tooth that’s in bad shape can make us feel helpless. On the one hand, the easiest solution is to have the tooth removed and do away with the root system. However, this is often very painful and will ultimately result in losing a tooth. Thankfully, there is now a much better solution, root canal therapy, due to advancements in dental technology.

Root canal therapy gives patients the option of working to save the damaged root of a tooth, thus preventing it from needing to be extracted and saving a root canal to boot. That’s why Vega Dental offers this service to all our patients that want to protect their teeth.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Rather than removing the entire root of a tooth, like in a traditional root canal, root canal therapy removes only the damaged portion of the root, cleans the area of debris, plaque, and germs, and then seals the space. We then place a crown on the tooth to prevent further damage.

This gives the natural root time to heal and repair itself without exposing it to further damage, and the crown protects the actual tooth from further damage as well. In this way, the root and tooth can be saved and protected rather than removed.

Losing a tooth due to a damaged root is something no one wants to go through. That’s not even including the pain that goes along with having a tooth extracted and a root canal performed. We want to give patients all the possible options to save a damaged tooth before resorting to more serious procedures.

Damaged Root in Need of Saving? Contact Vega Dental Today About Root Canal Therapy!

We all know how miserable it is to lose a tooth, but if there’s an option to save that tooth, we believe that every patient should have the option to try and save it. If you have a tooth in need of root canal therapy, contact Vega Dental today!

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