Tooth Extractions in Burnaby, BC

As children, we lose our teeth to make way for our permanent adult teeth. However, losing a tooth is never fun once we have our adult teeth. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we end up having to have a tooth pulled by our local dentist. Most tooth extractions are done to protect our oral health.

Vega Dental performs extractions for our patients to keep their oral health in great shape.

What Are Tooth Extractions?

Getting a tooth pulled can be a fairly simple procedure or a more complex one depending on your oral health, the position and condition of the tooth, and other factors surrounding the tooth itself.

There are essentially two main types of tooth extraction that can be performed at your local dentist. Understanding the difference will make you feel more comfortable during your procedure.

One is a basic or simple tooth extraction, where a tooth is pulled via pliers or another medical device and is removed from the mouth. If there are no other complications, this is a quick and easy procedure with minimal pain.

However, suppose a tooth is severely damaged. In that case, when the roots are exposed, multiple teeth need to be extracted, or there are underlying health issues, such as swelling around the tooth, impacted tooth, or bleeding. A complex or surgical extraction may be necessary.

In the case of a simple extraction, the dentist can remove the tooth using a mild anesthetic, and there is little discomfort. These simple extractions are often the case with baby teeth that need to be removed.

The more complex the extraction, the more required it is to get the tooth out, and many times the extraction is necessary to protect other teeth and your overall oral health. This can involve cutting into the gum or removing the tooth’s root because of infection to extract the tooth itself.

Got a Tooth Giving You Problems? Call Vega Dental for an Extraction

Tooth extractions are a frustrating but necessary part of oral healthcare. When you need an extraction performed, contact Vega Dental and let our dentists take care of you today!

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